Renew Boston Trust Program

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The Renew Boston Trust Program ("Renew Boston") finances water and energy-saving renovation projects in municipal buildings and uses financial savings from the projects to finance additional conservation projects.  Green Bond spending will focus on Phases 1 and 2.  Phase 1 is complete and focuses on installing energy-saving upgrades at 14 municipal buildings.  Examples of current spending include the installation of demand control ventilation at the Central Library in Copley Square which optimizes the amount of fresh air introduced into the ventilation system to ensure comfort while minimizing energy used in conditioning it.  At the A-15 Police Station, Phase 1 supports the installation of highly efficient LED light bulbs and occupancy sensors ensuring that lights are only on when needed.  A complete list of the Phase 1 projects can be found at https://www.boston.gov/environment-and-energy/renew-boston-trust. 

Phase 2 is underway, with the planning phase having been completed.  With a budget of approximately $20 million, Phase 2 includes over 30 buildings located throughout the City.  Construction and project implementation is expected to be underway in 2021.