Learn about Projects for Boston Investor Relations, including Capital Plan for FY22-FY26, Langone Park / Puopolo Playground, and BCYF Curley Community Center.

Capital Plan for FY22-FY26

The $3.3 billion FY22-26 Capital Plan will make critical investments in the City’s infrastructure in every Boston neighborhood, guided by Imagine Boston 2030 and the schools, streets, arts, climate and resilience plans under its umbrella. Taken together, these initiatives will support Boston's dynamic economy and improve quality of life for residents by encouraging affordability, increasing access to opportunity, promoting a healthy environment, and guiding investment in the public realm.

To view the FY22-26 Capital  Plan, please click the following link-

FY22-26 Capital Plan

Langone Park / Puopolo Playground

This is a larger, multi-year park renovation project that will make enhancements and improvements to the various recreational spaces in the park as well as lighting, drainage, and plantings.  Spending attributed to the 2020 Series B (Green) Bonds will focus specifically on protecting this beloved open space, heavily used by the community, from the effects of storm surges and sea level rise through raised athletic fields a harborwalk elevated four feet, and a strengthened sea wall.  Spending allocation will be applied through an estimation of the green spending against the entire project.  Additional information may be found at https://www.boston.gov/departments/parks-and-recreation/improvements-langone-park-and-puopolo-playground.

BCYF Curley Community Center

The Boston Center for Youth and Families' Curley Community Center is owned by the City of Boston and operated by the Boston Center for Youth and Families.  The Curley is undergoing a $30 million renovation with Green Bonds spending supporting a number of efforts including those related to mitigating the effects of sea-level rise by waterproofing the floor slab and walls and reinstalling the doors with removable flood barriers.  Building systems upgrades include new energy efficient lighting throughout the facility and HVAC upgrades.  Additional energy conservation measures include new windows and improved insulation of the building envelope.

Renew Boston Trust Program

The Renew Boston Trust Program ("Renew Boston") finances water and energy-saving renovation projects in municipal buildings and uses financial savings from the projects to finance additional conservation projects.  Green Bond spending will focus on Phases 1 and 2.  Phase 1 is complete and focuses on installing energy-saving upgrades at 14 municipal buildings.  Examples of current spending include the installation of demand control ventilation at the Central Library in Copley Square which optimizes the amount of fresh air introduced into the ventilation system to ensure comfort while minimizing energy used in conditioning it.  At the A-15 Police Station, Phase 1 supports the installation of highly efficient LED light bulbs and occupancy sensors ensuring that lights are only on when needed.  A complete list of the Phase 1 projects can be found at https://www.boston.gov/environment-and-energy/renew-boston-trust. 

Phase 2 is underway, with the planning phase having been completed.  With a budget of approximately $20 million, Phase 2 includes over 30 buildings located throughout the City.  Construction and project implementation is expected to be underway in 2021.

Boston Arts Academy

A new Boston Arts Academy building is currently under construction near historic Fenway Park.  Spending supported by the 2020 Series B (Green) Bonds will include energy efficiency measures, improving indoor environmental quality and building it to at least LEED Silver standard.  The City expects to apply for LEED certification.

Boston Housing Authority - Bunker Hill, Phase 1

This project supports the development of affordable housing in partnership with the Boston Housing Authority through the construction of necessary public infrastructure.  Phase 1 of the Bunker Hill public housing development involves the demolition of 111 existing housing units and site preparation for the development of 247 new housing units.  One of the buildings will be 100% affordable while the other buildings will be mixed income.  The 2020 Series C Bonds will support initial demolition, installation of utilities, sidewalks, roads, lighting, and open space.  The Series C Bonds will also support the renovation of buildings in several BHA-owned elderly/disabled communities.  Exterior improvements include the installation of new roofs, masonry, windows and balcony repairs, and the installation of new doors.