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Population as of 2019
Bond Ratings as of 2020
Bonds Outstanding as of 2020
$1.43 billion

About Boston Investor Relations

This is the official investor relations page for the City of Boston.  Managed by the city’s Chief Financial Officer and Senior Deputy Treasurer, the City’s Treasury division is responsible for the issuance of all bonds and the City’s investor communications efforts.

About Boston

The City, incorporated as a town in 1630 and as a city in 1822, exists under Chapter 486 of the Acts of 1909 and Chapter 452 of the Acts of 1948 of The Commonwealth of Massachusetts (the “Commonwealth”) which, as amended, constitute the City’s Charter.

The Mayor is the chief executive officer of the City. Mayor Michelle Wu's term began on November 16, 2021. The Mayor has general supervision of and control over the City’s boards, commissions, officers, and departments. The portion of the City budget covering appropriations for all departments and operations of the City, except the School Department and the Boston Public Health Commission, is prepared under the direction of the Mayor.

The legislative body of the City is the thirteen-member City Council. The City Council enacts ordinances and adopts orders, which the Mayor may either approve or veto. Ordinances and orders, except orders for the borrowing or appropriation of money and the reorganization of City departments, may be enacted by the City Council over the Mayor’s veto by a two-thirds vote. The City Council may reject or reduce a budget submitted to it by the Mayor, but the City Council may not increase a budget.


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The Team

Michelle Wu

Mayor of Boston

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Justin Sterritt

Chief Financial Officer

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Maureen Garceau

First Assistant Collector-Treasurer


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Richard DePiano

Second Assistant Collector-Treasurer

(617) 635-4140


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