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About Boston Investor Relations

This is the official investor relations page for the City of Boston.  Managed by the city’s Chief Financial Officer and Senior Deputy Treasurer, the City’s Treasury division is responsible for the issuance of all bonds and the City’s investor communications efforts.

About Boston

The City, incorporated as a town in 1630 and as a city in 1822, exists under Chapter 486 of the Acts of 1909 and Chapter 452 of the Acts of 1948 of The Commonwealth of Massachusetts (the “Commonwealth”) which, as amended, constitute the City’s Charter.

The Mayor is the chief executive officer of the City. Mayor Martin J. Walsh was elected to serve his first term beginning in January 2014 and was re-elected to a second term which began in January 2018. The Mayor has general supervision of and control over the City’s boards, commissions, officers, and departments. The portion of the City budget covering appropriations for all departments and operations of the City, except the School Department and the Boston Public Health Commission, is prepared under the direction of the Mayor.

The legislative body of the City is the thirteen-member City Council. The City Council enacts ordinances and adopts orders, which the Mayor may either approve or veto. Ordinances and orders, except orders for the borrowing or appropriation of money and the reorganization of City departments, may be enacted by the City Council over the Mayor’s veto by a two-thirds vote. The City Council may reject or reduce a budget submitted to it by the Mayor, but the City Council may not increase a budget.


Connect Historic Boston

Neighborhood: Charlestown/Downtown/North End

Description: The City of Boston and the National Parks Service collaborated on a planning process to create a pedestrian and bicycle network to connect historic sites in downtown Boston. In 2013 the City was awarded a $15.5 million Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) Grant, from the United States Department of Transportation, for the design and construction of Connect Historic Boston – Phase 1. The City of Boston Public Works Department is leading a team of City departments and consultant firms to bring four of the concepts developed in the planning process to 100% design and construction:

  1. The Connect Historic Boston Bike Trail – The Bike Trail will be a family friendly bicycle loop around downtown Boston. The TIGER Grant project includes Phase 1 of the trail (Staniford Street, Causeway Street, Commercial Street, and Atlantic Avenue.
  2. Blackstone Block – The Blackstone Block will become a shared street environment with improved accessibility and connectivity between Haymarket and Faneuil Hall.
  3. Constitution Road – Constitution Road will become a welcoming multimodal gateway to the Charlestown Navy Yard. The proposed design will maintain current operations of the street for residents and buses, while improving bicycle and pedestrian access.
  4. Joy Street – Traffic calming and increased walking space on Joy Street will shift the street in favor of pedestrians and lead the way over Beacon Hill by foot.

Project Status: In construction

Estimated Project Cost: $23,000,000

Project Start: Spring 2015

Estimated Project Completion:  2018

Project Design Team:

  • Bill Egan, Project Manager, BPWD
  • Howard/Stein-Hudson, Design Consultant – Bike Trail
  • Fay, Spofford, and Thorndike, Design Consultant – Blackstone Block
  • Nitsch Engineering, Design Consultant – Constitution Road & Joy Street

Project Construction Team:

  • Katie Choe, Project Construction Manager, BPWD
  • P. Gioioso & Sons, Inc, Contractor

See http://connecthistoric-boston.org/ for more information.

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North Washington Street Bridge

Neighborhood: Charlestown/North End

Description: The Boston Public Works Department is designing a replacement for the North Washington Street Bridge (Charlestown Bridge). Sitting in the footprint and shadows of the Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge, the replacement bridge needs to complement the form and functionality of the iconic Interstate Bridge. The key aspects of the new bridge will be that it is a livable, walkable, multimodal, green and sustainable bridge, accommodating all users, pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. The design calls for wider sidewalks, gathering places, innovative accent lighting, protected bicycle facilities, and smoother walking surfaces to support the Freedom Trail.

Project Status: In design

Estimated Project Cost: $100,000,000

Estimated Project Completion: 2020

Project Design Team:

  • Para Jayasinghe, Project Manger, BPWD
  • Benesh Engineering, Design Consultant
  • Rosales & Partners, Design Consultant

Additional Information:

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Engine 2/Ladder 19

The building was constructed in 1932 and contains 18,136 SF with 3 floors and a basement and is situated on a lot size of 20,198 SF.  The 1st floor has a 3 bay garage, the patrol room, and a public restroom.  The living quarters are on the 2nd and 3rd floors and the basement contains mechanical equipment, storage, and a woodworking shop.  The Firehouse houses Engine 2 and Ladder 19.  The Firehouse is located at 680 East Fourth Street on the corner of K Street in South Boston.

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Engine 3/Special Unit

The building was constructed in 1940 and contains 9,720 SF with 2 floors and a basement on a lot size of 3,816 SF.  The 1st floor has a 2 bay garage, the patrol room, and a public restroom.  The 2nd floor contains the living quarters and basement contains mechanical equipment and storage.  The Firehouse houses Engine 3, the Special Unit (Lighting Unit).  The Firehouse is located at 618 Harrison Avenue on the corner of Wareham Street in the South End.

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The Team

Martin J. Walsh

Mayor of Boston

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Emme Handy

Chief Financial Officer

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Drew Smith

Senior Deputy Treasurer and First Assistant Collector-Treasurer

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Richard DePiano

Second Assistant Collector-Treasurer

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